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Due to many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, especially in wind measurement, we perfectly understand the entire process of production, installation and maintenance of masts. Our team of professionals performs work at the highest level, with all the respect to quality and safety standards. windhunter africa offer includes service of LiDAR and SoDAR devices. We also manufacture steel components in our Cape Town factory, mainly for the construction industry.



We handle the selection of measuring devices placement, installation, configuration and disassembly as well as periodic inspections and troubleshooting. Measurement is carried out by means of highest quality sensors. Data is collected by remotely operated loggers.

100% MATCH

We provide access to data from lattice masts
(up to 140m).
We will offer you a measurement mast that guarantees the collection of reliable data in the selected location, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Project and calculation

The project includes static calculations, mast and anchoring solution selection and foundations taking into account the specificity of a given location. Structures made of S355 steel meet IEC 61400-12-1 2nd edition and TR 6.


Both assembly and disassembly may be performed without a crane or a helicopter and without a grid connection.

Monitoring measurement campaign

Throughout the entire process of measurement, we monitor the incoming data remotely so that we are able to detect possible errors and eliminate them as soon as possible.


Each information regarding masts and measuring devices is collected in the documentation related to the project. The customer has access to technical drawings, assembly and disassembly reports, periodic and service reports, and HSE documents.

Ready for action

Our team of qualified technicians is always ready to troubleshoot, so in an emergency we go to the location, diagnose the problem and fix the defect as soon as possible. Our clients receive not only a high-quality product and service, but also a sense of security.

Any location

In the history of the company, we have delivered masts for projects located high in the Alps, in the Arctic Circle, in fjords, polders and wetlands. For our engineers and technicians only sky is the limit.



We provide an experienced team capable of installing client's devices. We are able to service devices, diagnose basic errors and supervise the manufacturer’s repair process.


Our team of technicians is experienced in working with devices offered by ZX Lidars, Vaisala (windcube, Triton), AQSystem.

Best availability of data

As we check operational and measurement data regularly, we continuously monitor the quality of the obtained results.


We also offer a full package of services as far as configuration and installation of devices from other manufacturers.

Steel factory


As we took over a steel production plant in Cape Town at the beginning of 2020, we are able to produce high-quality components for wind industry related works.


Our product portfolio includes a number of items that will be successfully used in many projects. We manufacture such items as stairs, escape routes, elements of ventilation systems, beams and structural supports, balustrades, roofing, gates, fences and other steel products.

Special order items

We produce elements of structural and stainless steel. The products meet the requirements of the most demanding customers - engineers, constructors and architects.

Production of our own construction

Setting up a factory in Cape Town was motivated by the possibility of producing our own mast structures. Due to that, we have full control over the quality of each element.

Experience in industry

We have been present on the wind energy market for many years. Knowledge of the industry, continuous development and improvement of competences have allowed us to become a leading company in the wind industry.

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