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The history of Windhunter, and our first wind measurement campaigns, reaches back to 1998. Our operations started in Poland and swiftly expanded to west European countries. One of the first major milestones on the Windhunter timeline was establishing Windhunter GmbH in 2012, which was a reaction to “Energiewende” (energy transformation).
Further development of Windhunter constitutes spreading our operations to Africa. A vast array of new challenges and experience that working on a new continent had taught us, in 2015 resulted in establishing Windhunter Africa with its registered office as well as independent steel factory in Cape Town.
Windhunter North America LLC was established in Estherville, IA, in 2022. We are proud to be offering our US customers meteorological mast installation, as well as other services in the field of wind industry.
Our motto is “We aim high” and we really do! We are enthusiastic, open minded, dynamic, and ready to take up any challenge team with a global know how in the field of wind industry. Basing on more than 20-year experience in wind industry we have decided to proceed with another big challenge, which is Windhunter North America. We feel passion in green energy!


Our priority has always been and will always be to provide services at the highest level, using up-to-date, expert knowledge.


We focus on ongoing development, which is why we constantly follow trends in such a dynamically developing industry as wind energy.


We provide our clients with comprehensive services - measuring devices, consulting in campaigns and service support.


Precise wind measurement is the key factor to correctly assess the investment risk related to wind farms.


Unconventional solutions? We are always eager to take up the challenge!


We have already completed numerous projects for hundreds of companies and corporations.


We measure the wind potential

The quality of services and the accuracy of obtained data are our signature features. Each stage of the project is conducted by experienced field-experts associated with the industry for many years.


We will find the best solution for you

Tell us what you need and we will find a solution tailored to your needs and demands. We are always happy to offer our advice and support on any issue related to the wind industry.